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Alexa Integration - Error Connecting Alexa to Pega


I have been trying to connect to Pega using Amazon Alexa Skill already existing for "accepting" the user request to create case. It accepts the type of case user would like to create and I would like to connect it to Pega so that corresponding case can be created. I have referred to article published on to build similar channel in Pega but seems most of the configuration in Alexa is old and no longer present in the current version of Amazon Development Console. I would really appreciate if someone can help me to resolve the issue so that i can build case in pega based on input received from user.

I can modify my Alexa Skill based on the Pega Configuration as it is developed by me.

Configuration Settings:

Service End Point Type is AWS Lambda ARN

Intent has been created to accept case type as slot.

Conversational Channels
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