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Posted: November 10, 2015
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$ANY for page reference of runtime service input dose not work in Pega 7.1.8/7.1.9 although it worked in 6.3sp1 (Err :- Invalid expression or reference: When used with a "For Each Embedded Page" option, the Step page should reference a list or group prop)

Hi All,

In Activity, we are defining some properties under pages and classes tab as "$ANY" since we are not sure what the classes will be at runtime for the input data(input is a JSON). These properties are not defined in PRPC. In 6.3sp1, the below configuration worked fine and we were able to save & run the activity.

63sp1 -- pages &classes tab :-


DisputeManagerServicePage -- PP-FW-CMFW-Svc-Case

DisputeManagerServicePage.dispute_represent -- $ANY

DisputeManagerServicePage.dispute_represent.case_seq() -- $ANY

63sp1 -- activity usage :-


However in 719/718, we are getting the below error trying to save the same activity :-


activity error :-


Question :-

Isnt this a backward compatibility bug ? If so, is there a work around ? I have tried this in my personal edition and this error does come up there as well. Tried with $none,$class;but to no luck.

How do I define place holder page lists that are not defined in the system in 71 ? (I was thinking $any would work, but it doesn't). While using PRPC service, in order to take runtime data coming from an external source to be mapped to PRPC, we are using this kind of reference so that we do not define the properties before hand but use it at runtime.

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