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App Studio - Data Types and Integrations landing page

Hi there, I have below queries on the way Pega is generating the rules and the behaviour of Data Types and Integrations landing page from app studio. Note that questions are specific to consuming the REST service and pega version is 8.3

1) Why is Pega generating the data class/ data type as concrete classes. When I try to create a new data type with REST connector , why is Pega generating data type as concrete class? It does not make sense for me why it should be a concrete class and mapping it to pr_other table. In earlier version of Pega this is a severe warning

2) Regarding simulation , when I try to create a simulation Pega create a table only for the single value properties. But typically the response of a connector will have a complex JSON strucutures , how is these simulation help for complex data structures?

3) I tried to use the Connect REST wizard from dev studio and created all the required data types and REST rules. When I navigate to ' Data Types and Integrations' landing page and then to data view , the SOURCE column is showing as REST undefined. I opened the data class which was created and updated the class to concrete , then the data view showed the SOURCE as REST defined. Is it mandatory to have all classes defined as concrete for all data types?

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