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Appl Property in Smart Dispute

I am working on a smart dispute installation, and throughout the sample data, I see reference to the .Appl property, both at account and transaction level. From what I gather, 2 stands for Deposit, and 3 stands for card (PegaFS-Data-Account-.SetApplDesc). My initial assumption was that this was something that pega created in order to keep track of their sample data account types, cards and transactions, and that it did not hold any significant value beyond the sample FSIF data. I have however found other references to this property within smart dispute.

The .Appl value of 3 makes sense to me, in that credit card accounts and transactions should have a value of 3, and they should ultimately create an object inheriting from PegaCard-Sd-Dispute-.

I am somewhat confused about the .Appl value of 2 though. Would a debit CARD have transactions of value 2, because they are tied to a deposit account, or should they have a value of 3 because they are tied to a card? Pega out of box does not use .Appl to determine the class of the checks for a .DepositAccountNumber to have a value. In general I am comfortable with setting the correct class, however I am not sure what to do with .Appl.

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