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Abraham Lincon Korabandi (AbeLincon)
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Posted: April 15, 2020
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Application alias URLs with open ID SSO

We have multiple applications in our Pega environment. Users launch these applications using a dashboard (dashboard is not configured on Pega). SSO is configured using Open ID Connect. The users log on to the dashboard (dashboard is not configured on Pega) using SSO. When we publish Pega standard log on URL on the dashboard in the following format:


Users are redirected to the default access group configured on the operator ID.

If we publish the application specific URLs in the following format on the dashboard (dashboard is not configured on Pega):


1. Users are redirected to log on screen where options are presented to 'Log on using SSO1', 'Log on using <OpenIDServiceAlias>. 

When users choose the option to log on using 'Log on using <OpenIDServiceAlias>, they are redirected to the application without having to provide log on credentials (SSO authentication is used). 

The expected behavior would be that when user launches the application specific URL from the dashboard (not configured in Pega), they are automatically redirected to the Pega landing page for the specific application without the screen referenced in step #1 above since they have been authenticated using single sign on.


Do we need to make any configuration or set-up changes on the environment to make this happen?

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