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Bharat Teja Gangi (BharatTejaG)
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Posted: May 6, 2020
Last activity: May 6, 2020

Application Data Encryption - Custom Source?

What type of external sources can be used for application data encryption other than OOTB supported Key management services(GCP, AWS, HashiCorpVault, Azure).

There is an option to load custom master key from other KMS that are not supported by Default. It seems this option is to integrate only with any other KMS tools which are not supported by pega.

Can we use JKS file or PKCS12 keystore file for application data encryption? If so, the keystore instance created with JKS or PKCS12 file  is not displayed in Data Encryption landing page for selection.

Is there any way to use JKS/PKCS12 files for data encryption or we need to always rely on some external KMS tool?

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