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Application Ruleset Stack - Understanding Impact on Application performance


In our application we have overall 23 unique rulesets... as part of one major application enhancement ...for some 11 main rulesets corresponding branch rulesets were created (in v5.5) to do project specific coding (similar to branching in v7).... since there were several issues reported in integrated applications... Project team decisded to release this as beta version to validate production usage. So to achive this, project team added those branch rulesets .. on top of existing ruleset in application rule (they were never merged to it's main rulesets).. so now application have 34 unique rulesets.

This is 4 years back story..:) later all development contunue happening in branch ruleset itself.... now this branch rulesets contains major chunk of rules.

We are looking to cleanup this mess by skimming branch ruleset and moveing those skimmed rules back to it's original ruleset, so that ruleset stack can be kept at optimal count.

Now to propose this to client, we have to document it's benifits and a way to measure the impact. Can some one clarify what beinfit we get keeping unique ruleset count to optimal and is there a way to measure pre and post application stats w.rt performance....

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