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'ApplicationProfileSetUp' activity : issue

HI There,

We have a two requirements:

1. When collector logs in to Pega then Pega should automatically sign him in to CISCO as well.
2. If due to some error or issues, if automatic sign in fails then Collector has to manually sign in to CISCO from Pega.

For the first requirement we have wrote our 'auto sign in logic' in 'ApplicationProfileSetup' activity, which is running fine when CISCO services are up and when there are no errors.

Suppose if, due to some error or issue automatic log in failed, that's ok, collector will then sign in to CISCO manually, and start calling customer.

Now, the problem is coming when Collector refreshes the browser, then Collector is getting signed off from CISCO. this is because 'ApplicationProfileSetUp' activity is running again and setting the flag as 'Not logged in' due to error.

I don't want 'ApplicationProfilesetup' activity to run when collector refreshes the browser, because it is overriding the manual login result.

Can someone please help me out on this?

Thanks in advance.

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