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Posted: November 9, 2020
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Posted: 9 Nov 2020 10:46 EST
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Archive and purging

Hi, For a client, we have Pega 8.3.1 installed with Customer Service Frame work (8.3.1) and we are planning to do purging and archival on two work object tables since we have huge volume of data being created on the tables.(300GB+) The above link mentions that we need to maintain a copy ( destination archive system that is a copy) to be able to archive. 1.Is there some specific guideline or documentation that is available for purging and archiving? 2.Can we do archival and purging without a copy destination system? 3.If the objects need to be made available or updated once archived, do we need to import back into same application DB?Or does a seperate instance of the applicaiton have to be maintained?

-Chris Thomas

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