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Posted: January 20, 2021
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Posted: 20 Jan 2021 0:57 EST
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Archiving PegaSocial-Document Case Attachments

Hi All,


we have configured archival strategy for our applications. when we are performing the archival and moving the data to S3 repository, Case Attachments which are stored in PegaSocial-Document class, attached with the help of recent content gadget were not getting archived.


When we asked PEGA GCS Team on an incident INC-157607, they mentioned that it is expected and we need to write a custom activity to purge or delete the PegaSocial-Document, Link-Association-Document and History-PegaSocial-Document instances (OR) to use recent attachment gadget.


So please let me know if some one has implemented any custom activity before, since our in flight cases were having attachments in PegaSocial-Document class.

Thanks in advance,




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