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Assignment to specific user (7.3 version)


I have a flow in which user selects, to which user the Facilities child case should be assigned to later. This value is stored in the .EventManager property. (e.g. User chooses Event Manager 2 in the UI, the .EventManager property value is stored as which is actual operator ID in the system). I have verified this is working.

Later in the flow, there is assignment shape. Assignment shape is configured to be routed to "Specific User" and User ID is mentioned as .EventManager property which was set above. However, at runtime it is giving error saying that "Unable to open assignee's Data-Admin-Operator-ID record .EventManager" which is telling me that Pega is treating it as literal value instead of reading the value out of property. Any suggestions how to make this work.

I suppose there are other ways to make it work. Its just that since Pega has explicitly provided this option of "Specific User" configuration, shouldn't it work as it is?

Attached is the flow configuration screenshot.

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