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Posted: January 3, 2020
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Assistance with Print capability

Version info: Pega Platform/Infinity 8.3 with CRM/Sales Automation 8.2

We are looking for advice on implementing a customizable Print option or, even better, a download/export as PDF to print/export THE CURRENT display on the screen. We know there is a Print action available, but that seems to print a section/harness that is specific to the class that something is in.

For example, we have a specific section (with sub-sections) that is populated by a report definition that we'd like to be able to print. When adding the Print action, it tries to print some pre-defined view based on the parent class of the section. I'm looking for a way to print the actual section that is being displayed to the user when they click Print. Is there a native Print action that takes a section as a parameter, perhaps???

How have others implemented this? How have you implemented Printing or PDF export/download of a report/section?

Thanks in advance!!

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