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association customer entities

I'm on implementation of Pega Marketing following the instructions in the "Pega Marketing Implementation Guide 8.2".

As I proceed the step of "Adding associated customer entities" section

My primary context is Customer(MKTApps-Data-Customer)

this process is currect,below??

1)Create a class for your entity eg: pegaMKT-Data-Customer-Account

2)Then create a Page List property in pegaMKT-Data-Customer with page definition as pegaMKT-Data-Customer-Account. Let say the property name is Accounts.

3)Then Create an association in pegaMKT-Data-Customer. Here you can keep the name of the association same as the Page List property.

3.1)In App-Explorer for pegaMKT-Data-Customer right-click on sysadmin->create->association

and at 1),what key and parent class I should enter??
Please help me!!

Pega Marketing
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