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Joe Abi Sleiman (JoeAbiSleiman)

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Posted: August 8, 2016
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Attach a File then Download on Demand

Hello guys,

I have a requirement to upload a certain file and attach it to a work object. The file is going to be a jar file that I will parse to extract an xml file from. I am interested in attaching and showing the xml file and not the jar file.

Later on, the user should be able to download that XML file when they click on a button/link.

I've been experimenting around with some OOTB functionalities, such as the AttachContent control, and DisplayAttachFile activity, but I haven't been successful. The AttachContent control works as expected, but it doesn't really fulfill my requirements. The activity on the other hand does nothing; I have a button configured to call the activity on click, and I’m even hardcoding the parameters but nothing happens (the activity is getting called alright but the file is not being downloaded). I also tried calling the Work- GetAttachmentReference activity (which is what gets called by the system when you try to download an attachment from the Right Pane of the portal), also with hardcoded parameters, and still no go.

The work object can have multiple attachments, but I only want to display the XML files in a grid (a repeating grid or repeating section are what came to my mind). I thought of saving the attachment as a Java Object property of the instance of the work object, but I haven’t found any way of how to do so.

I would appreciate any solution/suggestion that might help me implement that.

Let me know if I can provide any additional information to make the requirements or issue clearer.



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