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Sakhatech Information Systems Pvt Ltd
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Sakhatech Information Systems Pvt Ltd
Posted: October 16, 2018
Last activity: October 23, 2018

Attaching a PDF immediately after creating it


There is an issue in sending an email with attachments immediately after creating it. These are my steps in the process

  1. Create PDF ( smartshape )
  2. SendEmailWithAttachments ( smartshape )

In the above email, the attachment is not attaching with email. This is a problem in pega when attaching anything just after creating it. I tried it by using SendEmailWithAttachments activity. But same result.

if i modify my steps as below, it is working. But i dont want to add this dummy assignment step.

  1. Create PDF ( smartshape )
  2. Assignment ( a dummy assignment step )
  3. SendEmailWithAttachments ( smartshape )

Please let me know how to fix this. Is this a platform incapability? or a bug? I am actually wasting time for a simple task.

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