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Attachment Category is not persisted at run-time

Hello Team,

I have a requirement to showcase the attached files. below are the steps I have taken

1. Created an Attachment Category- My requirement was to showcase only the ones attached in that category, Pega displays all the files by default.

2. Select a button as Other and provide the Attach Content control in it, doing so the Attachment category would be enabled and can be selected.

3. Pega always sets the Category as File, regardless of whatever is provided on the Section.

Why is this? Pega in the pzInitAttachContent Activity, 2nd step calls an Activity InitAttachmentPage which determines the Attachment Category in pyDefault Data transform. The Called activity has the Pass parameter page un-checked, because of this the section's parameter is not passed onto the Activity. I am unable to modify it too as it is a final rule. Can pega in the future releases please chek this?

I don't have access to raise support request, so instead i am pasting my findings here so that it might help others.

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