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Attachment view security - Urgent (Maybe bug)


I use CMIS integration in one of my app. I have configured an access when rule in attachment category. For test scenarios;

  • Added "never" to view the attachment.
  • Clicked on an attachment in case attachments section and pop-up is showed up which indicates lack security(OK)
  • Clicked edit attachment.
  • Opened version history.
  • Clicked attachment name.
  • Attachment is downloaded.(Fail, maybe bug)
  • Attached a new document using pulse.
  • Clicked attachment in Pulse feed.
  • Attachment is displayed and downloadable.(Fail, maybe bug)

In addition, I have customized pyCanDisplayAttachments when rule and it works on Case Attachments section. But when that rule is false, I can still see the attachments in Pulse feed. (Maybe this is a bug also)

I hope you can understand my test scenarios. The app is very dependent on security rules. How can I fix those behaviors? Should I raise an SR?

Thank you.

Version 7.4

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