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Priyanka K.N (PriyankaKN)
Accenture , Netherlands

Accenture , Netherlands
PriyankaKN Member since 2014 13 posts
Accenture , Netherlands
Posted: January 21, 2019
Last activity: May 12, 2020

auditing data tables if a record (row) is deleted

Hi ,

my requirement is to track if any row in delegated datatable is deleted , along with that I need to also know if any values are updated and new row is added.

I have used field level auditing for rest of the requirement , but field level auditing doesnt record if the instance is deleted or am i wrong in this assumption ? It would be good if i can use OOTB field level auditing for even deleting the instance as well but i cannot see that that is recorded . only updates , new row created is recorded in history table

please share your suggestions

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