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Auto case creation in Pega Mobile app


I have used OOTB Activity "pyMobileSnapStart" to construct a URL and create a Work Object on successful login. This works fine when I login in desktop, i.e after login a WO is created automatically and the assignment is displayed to the user to perform.

But when I try to login into the system through Mobile Preview App, login is successful but the screen keeps loading. Below are the few observations I observed.

1. Two WO are getting created for each login from mobile but none is displayed on screen. Screen keeps loading(I could see this from the WO instance list)

2. There are some warning and errors messages (licationData._baseclass.Stream), (agment.WorkFormStandard.Stream)

logged in the log file. Attached snapshot below.

3. Login is happening in one requestor session and that getting terminated and new requestor session is getting created and in that new case creation is happening.

4. Could able to see multiple requestor sessions in the remote tracer for the particular operator.

Any help on finding root cause or how to resolve this will greatly help. Thanks in advance.

Pega Platform 8.4 Mobile Case Management
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