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Marok Singh Marok (MAROM-1)
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Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: April 11, 2017
Last activity: April 6, 2018

Auto-generated Pega 6.2 XML Stream rules does not work in Pega 7.21

Hi all,

SOAP-Connectors issue. The auto-generated MapFrom in 6.2 had new lines in the From, ReplyTo, ReplyFrom and Timestamp XML Streams.

After the upgrade, in 7.21, these field in SOAP request XML field are populate with space, if we use these rules as such. So we get SOAP failure errors.

We have to manually update each of these to remove the new lines. After that SOAP Request XML is populated correctly.


Is there any way to avoid this manual work so that these stream work as such without having to remove the new lines? In addition to this being a lot of effort, it affects the readability of XML stream also.

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