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Auto-launch an Intent Task on a customized Interaction

we created in our environment (using CS 8.1 on PRPC 8.1) a new Intent Task that is supposed to auto-launch whenever a Call Interaction starts based on the logic defined in an Intent When rule (at the moment, just for the sake of testing, the rule simply checks if the Interaction pxObjClass equals ...-Work-Interaction-Call to auto-launch the Task for this specific channel).
The auto-launch corretcly works if we use the pre-built Flow CPMInteraction: after the Search Contact step is completed, our task is automatically launched together with the OOTB Task Sales Negotiation.
However, we cannot use the OOTB Flow CPMInteraction because in our scenario we don't need any of its functionality. We then overridden the CPMInteraction Flow in our Application Ruleset designing a simple Flow (Start shape, set Properties HeaderVisible and DriverVisible to true, Assignment shape, End shape). Using our Flow, however, the task does not auto-launch neither when the Interaction starts, nor when the Assignment is completed (this action completely closes the Interaction when the Flow reaches the End shape).
Is there something we have to add to Flow to make the auto-launch work?


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