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Auto log off in pre production environment- JSESSIONID changes after some time

When we are trying to login using any operator in a pre-production environment, after some time facing automatic log off in the dev studio portal.

Architecture: Web LB , multiple webservers,App LB, and multiple app servers.

Observed that JSessionId is getting changed automatically after some time.

   session stickiness is configured in Web  LB with cookie based and App LB with IP based.

After Login Screen

Cookie: Pega-Perf=itkn=0; JSESSIONID=15rJJ0FT5kLArXiGCLEOT-oRTkQ0j2iKXzOsybA-. PEGA_STG02; Pega-RULES=%09%7Bpd%7DAAAAA9wFVz%2FsJ5EcxnaoBjAEc6vL8DCDRrs1Nyz4Kp%2FYmNHeqlopTzKUFluGPcK3VqdlIw%3D%3DA

On opening Application rule, it Auto Logged Off

Cookie: Pega-Perf=itkn=3; JSESSIONID=K1Y20u-DrPtJUk0Ca8CyiWdWtR5L-u9vvBaDhz5_.PEGA_STG01; Pega-RULES=%09%7Bpd%7DAAAAA9wFVz%2FsJ5EcxnaoBjAEc6vL8DCDRrs1Nyz4Kp%2FYmNHeqlopTzKUFluGPcK3VqdlIw%3D%3DA


Do we need to change App LB settings from IP based to Cookie-based ? to resolve this issue.


Pega Platform 8.1.2 System Administration
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