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Automatic Case Not Updating Work Status

Hi All,

We have a purely automatic case type which runs in the background, fired at a certain time by an agent.  It consists of a few stages each with a few processes and what we would like is for a user to be able to view the progress of the case in real time by checking the audit log and current status of the work item.  Each process is simply a utiltity calling an activity (to do various bits of processing, calling stored procedures etc), with some error handling.  At carious points (e.g. the end of each process) we update the status and audit log.

However, it seems that the status and audit log only get updated in bulk once the whole case either gets to an assignment shape or resolved.  So I was wondering if anybody had come across this in a completely automatic case and knew of a way to force the work item to update without using an assignment?



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