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Automatically save when switching to a local action


In some of the steps in our application we have given the user optional functionality via local actions (i.e. optional side steps).

For instance, a local action for modifying the order details has been added to all steps related to the processing of the order. Modification of the order isn't part of the normal proces, so it has been provided as an optional action via a local action. The user will return to the main step after completing the local action and continue working on the case.

The problem however is that when switching to that local action (from the main flow action), the data entered in that step will not be (automatically) saved. Ofcourse we could just tell the users to press the Save button before switching but it would be nice if the application would take care of it. What is the best design pattern for automatically saving the data entered when switching from the main step to a local action?


Pega Platform Case Management User Interface
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