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Automating Excel Popup Windows

As one of the use cases of the Robotics automation, when opening Excel file, it pops up a window (not an error message) that contains clickable buttons and some forms. When clicking on the button on the popup window, another window pops up. Can Pega Robotics handle these popup windows?

I tried the following two things, with no luck so far:

1. Using OOTB Excel connector -> Don't know why but the popup window didn't come up.

2. Using Windows Application (specifying Excel.exe with MonitorAll) with using General DOS Console to run "Excel.exe /r xxx.xls" -> The popup window appeared. The interrogation of Windows Application was "sort of" successful (couldn't interrogate the parts, but could just interrogate the broader "area"). In this case, the Robot couldn't execute the automation against the popup window (I tried SendKeys mothod).

Any suggestions?

Robotic Process Automation
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