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Automation link needs to be corrected in the provided screenshots in Pega Robotic Automation Architect Essentials course under the Exercise: Completing navigation automation


while learning Pega Robotic Automation Architect essentials course , during my practice session I found the automation link provided by Acadamy team for one of the exercise is given inappropriate. Due to that when ever we run in debug mode System returns empty message under message dialog instead of retrieving nearest store value. Request acadamy team to correct it. please ignore if I am wrong.

In the Exercise: Completing navigation automation under ACME_P_GetNearestStore automation . At Point 4 Acadamy team mentioned saying when Result was success the blue link was given to String Result. Then under ACME_E_btnTestClickedautomation result link was pointed to Message from Result. when i performed in this way every time system throws blank information icon with out Result.

But When I modified the automation link present under ACME_P_GetNearestStore to Void result and by connecting the blue link to String message. as a step 2 modified blue link present under ACME_E_btnTestClicked to message(message dialog2) from msg. then it started retrieving correct Results in message dialog

please Ignore this post if i am wrong at any point in my understanding

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