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Posted: October 1, 2019
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Posted: 1 Oct 2019 2:37 EDT
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Automation script impact post Pega 8 upgrade


We are planning to upgrade existing application that runs on 7.1.9 to 8.2.3. We are currently evaluating and estimating this. On One aspect we are a bit clueless that how this upgrade is gonna impact the test automation scripts.

Automation testing is performed through selenium script in our application. Our test engineers would like to clarify the below points for which we seek the support of community. The below quesrions are valid for as is upgrade only.

  1. Does Pega introduce/exclude any iframe in 8.2.3 version compared to 7.1.9 which would be inherited in Perform/Review harness.
  2. Application behavioral/performance/response time change in terms of page load wait time.
  3. DOM structure change which leads to changes of x-path for existing web elements.
  4. Any major UI architecture changes (apart from mentioned in point 1) which could lead to change in page element type.
  5. Any java script/ajax call that could dynamically change the property & attribute of web elements.

Any clue/experience/lesson learn on the above points would be helpful for us



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