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Posted: March 19, 2021
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AWS EKS Recommendations

We are on Pega 8.5 and planning to use AWS EKS for it. While evaluating it, we are coming across a need of recommendations. Please share your recommendation which we should consider for AWS EKS hosting Questions which we have in mind:

  1. Should we create separate EKS Cluster for each non-prod environment?
  2. It does create Classic Loadbalancer, can we configure to use Application Load Balancer somehow?
  3. If we go with multiple environment in same cluster, can we use a single load balancer for all environment or need a separate load balancer for each environment?
  4. a good way to setup kubernetes dashboard for folks who doesn't have k8s on their machine? for example if our Product Owner want to look at dashboard
  5. what is recommended if we need to restart Tomcat for any configuration related changes done via Pega UI?

Please also share if you have seen some common challenges with EKS.

Appreciate your help!

Pega Platform 8.5.2 Cloud Services Client-managed Cloud Insurance System Administrator