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Terence Yuen (TerenceY0215)
Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of Nova Scotia
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Bank of Nova Scotia
Posted: September 28, 2020
Last activity: October 9, 2020

Azure Repository - use of KeyVault and Private Endpoint Connections

I am working on a PoC to integrate Pega with an Azure Storage Account as a Repository.  Based on default settings in Azure, I am able to integrate with my Azure Storage Account, and used a Blob Storage container. However, I understand these default settings in Azure may not meet security requirements of the bank.  I am looking for assistance for the following two questions:

1.  When I connected to my Azure Storage Account, I used the access key of the storage account. I copied the key from the Azure Portal and pasted that into an Authentication Profile for Azure.  Can this key be stored in a Azure Key Vault, and reference that from the Authentication Profile?  What will be the procedure for this?

2. I have set the Firewalls and Virtual Networks screen in the Azure Portal to allow access from All Networks.  Is there any instruction in the Pega side set up so that I can use Private Endpoint Connections?

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