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A- B deployment or Blue Green Deployment

HI ,

we are asked to see feasibility of AB deployment or blue green deployment for our Pega Application which is used by Callcenter .

Can the Following setup work in a high level :-

Existing setup is:- 1 Rule Schema ( i.e. SCHEMA -A) and . data Schema (i.e. SCHEMA-B)

Take snapshot of SCHEMA -A and Create another Rule Schema ( i.e. SCHEMA -A2)

Deploy the new rules to SCHEMA -A2

Spinoff 1 instance which connects to SCHEMA -A2 & SCHEMA-B

Do initial level of testing before making it main

if all test fine then switch the traffic to new instance and then serve from new deployed code and data schema remaining same

if this is not the correct way, is there any other advised way that I can be directed to ?

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