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Posted: July 28, 2019
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BAE 8 - SLA knowledge check

On the first SLA knowledge check, the question asks "How does the passed deadline interval differ from the goal and deadline intervals?". This question shows the correct answer as being "Goal and deadline intervals do not repeat". While this is true, there is another option that states "Goal and deadline intervals begin at the start of the assignment, case, or step" that shows as incorrect, however the explanation for why it's wrong literally states "The goal and deadline intervals are measured from when the step, assignment, or case begins". That's exactly what the question states and is also what the previous page gave as the correct answer.

Am I missing something or is this question incorrectly giving two correct answers?

Further, another answer option listed as incorrect is "Goal and deadline intervals have limited escalation options" which I would argue is also correct, as they have fewer escalation options than the Passed Deadline interval.



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