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Harathi Thallaru (HarathiT9596)

HarathiT9596 Member since 2013 3 posts
Posted: June 8, 2020
Last activity: June 8, 2020

Beginning and ending of property value spaces has to be retained

We have a requirement as spaces at beginning and ending of fields should retain.

Our application receives message from X system. Where X system sends a reference number as 2 spaces and some text and again few spaces(   Testing   ). While we are communing with X system from PEGA we have trimmed the reference number(Testing) . Where X system is unable to find reference number which don't have spaces.

In Pega we parse the message and set to a property while setting we could see spaces are retained where in once user works on the case in perform harness (property set to input text) and submits the screen space is getting removed.

Could you please help us in retaining the spaces entered by user.


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