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Behavior of a string property with value set from a double property


We connect to an API which returns a numerical value and the integration wizard has generated a double property for this attribute. We have a String property in the application which will now be set with the value from this integration response property (of data type double).

Behavior based on the tests I have done so far -

Integration property value (double) - 12345

Application property value (string) - 12345.0

Integration property value (double) - 1234567

Application property value (string) - 1234567.0

Integration property value (double) - 12345678

Application property value (string) - 12345678

If the value for the double property is between -9999999 to 9999999, the String property has a decimal point added to it as mentioned above in the examples.


Can anyone explain this behavior please?

Pega Platform Data Integration
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