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Posted: April 24, 2018
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Best practice for Pega to consume data from internal Pega database

We are looking for best practice or advice to access data in Pega when designing custom workflows. In our case, Pega objects (rules and data) are stored in Oracle database. We are importing external data into custom tables which is refreshed nightly. Our internal architects have different opinion on how data needs to be consumed. These are two suggested approaches:

  • Creating a view on top of custom tables and exposing the view to Pega for workflow design
  • Having Pega directly access custom tables when designing Pega workflows
Case for use of view:
• Consuming Views will be a better approach rather than having “Report-Def” rules with complex Joins.
• We already have Views in Pega Oracle DB created for Operations & it helped for grouping and display of results.
• It would also help the development to consume one single View rather than Join multiple tables.

Case against use of view:
• Pega data model is best done by Pega platform.
• One single point (Pega UI) for changes.
• Need for maintaining Pega DB Oracle views is redundant.
• Business agility reduced.

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