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Posted: April 15, 2016
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Best way to sync data in PEGA from External System

We have a requirement where PEGA is getting events from External system Based on the types of events PEGA is Creating Case/Updating Case/Reassign Case/Closed Case.

But there can be other types of events where external system sends events to PEGA for data update for that Case.Based on that updated data in External System PEGA will take business decision and user always wants to see the updated data of the external system in the Case.

we are displaying all the data of the external system in PEGA Case using Declare Page by calling the external web services in Thread Level by per interaction.

But What will happen when user already working on the Case means i want to mention that work is in perform or editable mode so user already  lock on the Case /work object.

At that time if any event come from external system for that case how PEGA will display the updated case information to the Pega will Updating Case/Reassign Case/Closed Case?

What is best way design the mentioned scenario with all types of exception handling?

Any kind of help is really appreciated....

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