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A binary file stored in Pega needs to be blocked when the user logs off but the user is able to access the file

Dear Team,

I have a binary file that is a pdf whose path is stored in a DSS(like /webwb/abc.pdf). This DSS is referred to in a hyperlink on the user portal. Normally, when a user is authenticated in Pega if he copies the link and tries to access it in IE it is not opening which is the expected behaviour.

But the problem is, when this is accessed in chrome and URL is copied, the user is logged off. If the same URL is pasted in the chrome browser, the user is able to access the document although he is logged off. I have even tried creating a different folder(xyz) inplace of webwb and placed the abc.pdf file inside that. Still the problem persists.

Can you please give me any solution or workaround for this?

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