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BIX 7.1.9 - can it drop onto a SQL 2016 database?

We are running Pega BIX version 7.1.9. The source database is the Pega database on SQL Server 2014. The target database is currently SQL Server 2008. This works fine.

The target server is migrating to SQL Server 2016. Can BIX version 7.1.9 drop data onto a SQL Server 2016 database? The Pega Platform Support Guide states that Pega itself must be at least version 7.3 to run on SQL Server 2016. But what about the drop spot for BIX?

We are testing, and getting a generic error that the table doesn't exist on target (it does), and cannot find a way to get any lower-level logging information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pega Platform Data Integration
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