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Posted: October 6, 2016
Last activity: October 7, 2016

BIX Configuration

Problem: XXX_BIX_APP user is unable to insert records into BIX database from PEGA database.

Error: ABC table doesn't exist in target Database: bix.  ---- Here, bix is the DB instance name in PEGA and ABC table is given in extract t


  • We have a DB instance name called "BIX" and it's schema owner user 'XXX_BIX'.
  • Using this user we have created tables in BIX database like XXX_BIX.ABC.
  • In extract rule, output database name is given as 'BIX' and To table name is mapped as 'ABC'
  • In webconsole, if we configure BIX datasource user as XXX_BIX, it is able to insert records into ABC table. - WORKING FINE
  • BUT, we didn't want to use a schema owner just to write instances to BIX tables so, we created another user 'XXX_BIX_APP' with CONNECT and READ WRITE role to BIX database.
  • If we connect to BIX database using this user in sql developer studio, tables are accessible under XXX_BIX schema like.... XXX_BIX.ABC
  • Now, since XXX_BIX_APP user has write role to BIX database, we updated webconsole databsource to connect to BIX database using XXX_BIX_APP but when agent runs the extract rule, it's throwing error 'ABC table doesn't exist in target Database: bix".
  • This could be because XXX_BIX_APP user is looking for first schema name XXX_BIX to write instances to ABC table

Please advise how and where we can configure default schema name for XXX_BIX_APP user to write instances to ABC table under XXX_BIX schema in BIX database from PEGA.

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