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Posted: January 30, 2017
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BIX - Dynamic Pega data model

In Pega no matter how complex the data model, all of the data for a case or work item is stored in a single field. This means that business analysts and developers are able to dynamically change their data model or add new pieces of information to a business process without having to involve DBAs in making database changes.

We have the following requirement in BIX

1.We need to get the data into our Data Warehouse

2.BI team want a Pega data model so they can design and map the solution in the DW

3.Pega data model is dynamic and might change

Since the Pega application team and the DW/BI Team are separate and since the Pega data model is dynamic , we need to understand the challenges , tips, lessons learnt in handling / managing this effectively.

Can someone post any information / documents regarding the challenges, tips, lessons learnt on the above. ?



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