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BIX pxExtractDateWithArgs activity parameters question

Here is the issue now. The activity I have sets a date range parameter using a property set such as Param.DateRange = "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c"

This parameter is the put into the pyArgs field of the call for activity pxExtractDataWithArgs. when I run the activity the Param.DateRange value on the tracer shows as "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c" ,but the pxExtractDataWithArgs activity errors out with the following error message : ** Invalid pyArgs specified."

If I try to run the calling activity again, and instead just place the string "-d \"20181201T120000.000\" -D \"20181203T230000.000\" -c" in the pyArgs field of the Call to pxExtractDataWithArgs it works perfectly.

For some reason, it does not like it when I try to simplly use Param.DateRange in the pyArgs field which contains the same exact value. Why is this?

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