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Yining Lu (DavidL07)
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Posted: February 22, 2016
Last activity: February 24, 2016

BIX question

I am new to BIX.  I know BIX is a java tool that can extract data from BLOB (pzPVStream) and write data into specified format, such as XML, CSV etc.

In our application, we have work object of class "ACME-Work", whenever a work object is saved, we use database trigger (please note, this is not PRPC Rule-Declare-Trigger) to insert the BLOB from work table into an "AuditHistory" table.

We also have a class "AuditHistory-ACME-Work", which maps to this "AuditHistory" table; even though in the pzPVStream column, it contains the BLOB data of "ACEM-Work" work object.

The question is:

How to configure BIX, to make it extract data from pzPVStream of "AuditHistory" table, and knows that data in BLOB is of class "ACEM-Work", and generate output file correctly?  Is it possible out-of-box?  We are using PRPC 6.2 SP2

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