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Posted: June 26, 2020
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Blocking issue : cannot edit sections. Pega 8.2.1 VA for SSA

I run against a general problem regarding sections. I noticed it when starting the exercise 'Update the ScheduleInterview_0 section to add a table'. When trying to add a Dynamic layout I noticed the icons of the Design options bar (att. 1) are disabled: when I click on any of the options like 'Layout v' nothing happens. Also I experience I cannot see the content of any section (e.g. att 2)in the applicance so it appears to be a more general issue. I tried different browsers (Chrome, Edge), restarts of the VM, etc, but nothing helps solve the problem. The only section the content is shown is the one I created myself using the Design template (att 3)

This issue blocks progress of the CSSA training.

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