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BOT Configuration to pickup from Work list first

i have seen a BOT behaviour that in case of any system exception like IE freezing up, the case its working on gets allocated to its worklist.

After the IE is killed it proceeds to process all cases from work basket and then comeback and pick up the one from worklist.

I would like to configure it to pickup the one from worklist first and then go and process from work basket.

Do i just uncheck "get from workbasket first" the VM's operator record's work tab manually ? (i would want to avoid this)

Do we have a way to uncheck this automatically when the operator record is getting created during the registration process?

I tried updating the admin operator with the "get from workbasket first" unchecked, deleted the Vm operator and (to force the runtime to prompt for login when starting the runtime) thinking that when creating the operator it would copy all configs from the admin operator but it did not.

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