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BOT duration and execution


1. When we run a completed BOT, and if the process takes a few hours to complete it's entire execution, can there be other BOTs execute simultaneously, starting at a different time but during the previous BOT's execution?

2. What is the maximum length in time, that a BOT can execute? Is there a limit to the duration that a BOT can perform its processes? This may occur when we need the BOT to perform same actions on different variables, which have been programmed to change.

3. Can multiple BOTs access the same resources? Meaning, can multiple BOTs open their own window in Chrome/IE to perform their tasks, or open different files in Excel/Word, where each BOT performs independent tasks? Is this possible?

PS: This is to consider that we are speaking solely of Pega Robotics, and the RPA BOTs developed thereof.

Thank you.

Robotic Process Automation
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