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Posted: November 22, 2018
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Bot Scheduling service not working


According to the article on

if want to use the Robotic Processing Automation Scheduling service then we would use

Pega Robotic Automation Credentials Manager utility to store the Windows user and Robotic Automation Runtime user

Now here is the current Problem statement:

I have a VM on which i have installed the Pega Robotics Runtime,I have a Company domain UserName which is used to login into VM and act as a Window user.

i have a pega platform in which i have created a Operator ID which i will be using on this VM to start the Runtime, Since i am scheduling to start the Runtime using RpaSchedule.json at a specific time using the Scheduler service, i have to save this Operator ID as a Robotic Automation Runtime user in Pega Robotic Automation Credentials Manager utility for which it is asking me to specify a domain for Runtime User but i dont know what should i specify because for window user name i already have but for the Runtime User which is a operator ID i created in Pega i dont have that. All configuration is right but just the domain issues are stopping me to launch the Runtime at a specific time. Below is the Error Logs when service tries to start the Runtime though if i manualy provide the Runtime User to Start the Runtime these credentials work that means the domain must be an issue

2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - DEBUG – [1] -Runtime user domain: xxxx
2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - DEBUG – [1] - Runtime user name: xxxx
2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - DEBUG – [1] - Runtime user password: -provided-
2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - DEBUG – [1] - Launch Runtime
2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - ERROR – [1] - Failed to launch Runtime: error 1326
2018-11-22 04:43:47 AM - ERROR – [1] - System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The user name or password is incorrect
at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
at OpenSpan.WinLogon.Launcher.LauncherProgram.LaunchRuntime(String domain, String userName, String password, String runtime)
at OpenSpan.WinLogon.Launcher.LauncherProgram.Main(String[] args)

Robotic Process Automation
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