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Sudipta Biswas (Sudipta1986)

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Posted: August 2, 2017
Last activity: August 20, 2017

Box Integration with Pega 7.2

We have the following requirement for our application

  1. Users will be uploading content into BOX from Pega.
  2. Each individual user will upload files in the same folder in BOX.
  3. While uploading files in BOX , none of the user should see the BOX log-in screen.

To achive this requirement we have done the following changes:

  1. We have created a new authentication profile data instance in Pega.
  2. Updated our application rule with the new authentication profile created above.
  3. In BOX configuration for the "Authentication Method" we have selected "Standard oAuth2.0".
  4. From the connected app landing page we are connected to box.

With the above configuration , when the User1 logs into box, it is not asking for user credential. but when User2 logs in and try to upload , Box is again asking for the credential. we also found that the on connected app landing page for User1 the status is showing as "connected" but for User2 the status is "Not Connected". So it seems that the connected app landing page is user specific and individual user must go to landing page and connect to box for uninterrupted BOX session.

For our application , in the production environment we will be creating operator IDs dynamically and all the operator should be having access to box(none of them should see the BOX log in screen). With the configuration above, we are not able to achieve the requirement. Are there any out of box configuration in Pega which can be leveraged so that all the operators in Pega would have seamless connection to BOX?

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