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Marta Anna Vitulano (MartaAnnaV)
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Cornèr Banca SA
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Cornèr Banca SA
Posted: March 16, 2018
Last activity: March 16, 2018

Branches and circumstancing issue


in our enterprise environment we have different projects that have been developed in parallel on the same application so we are using branches.

We noticed a "strange" behaviour with circumstanced rules:

Scenario 1

  1. we have to modify a circumstanced version of a rule so we save it in a branch
  2. we launch our application and everything is ok: it uses the base or circumstanced version of the rules according to the expected behaviour

Scenario 2

  1. we have to modify the base version of a circumstanced rule so we save it in a branch
  2. we launch our application and it uses only the base version (present in the branch) and never the circumstanced one. Our impression is that the circumstanced version of the rule it is not seen by PEGA anymore

The workaround we found to solve the issue of Scenario 2 is to save all circumstanced versions of the rules in the branch even if we have no modification.

According to your experience what is the correct approach to solve the problem?

Do you face a similar scenario? Is this a standard behaviour when you use branches and circumstances?

Thanks in advance.



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