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Is this a bug in PEGA?

Greetings everyone,

CMIIW: First I need to explain my problem/bug.

In my case, I make a rules condition to return true/false depends on, if there's already exist same CreateOperatorName. (ex: if I login as user@pega and start a new case, but there's already exist data with the same operatorID from D_ListPage. It will return false and vice-versa).

Next, when it was return as true then I can go to next stage and save the data with my current operatorID.

If I start a new case again, then I can't proceed to the next stage because of the rules condition. (But because of the bug, it can continue to next stage)

So, the bug is:

  1. The D_ListPage isn't updated (I already check it from repeating grid, the last data that should've been inserted is not there)
  2. But when I run another browser and login as admin/developer, open the data explorer and check the last records. The last data is exist.
  3. After that, I re-loginuser@pega, run a new case. The data is updated.
  4. I wonder if this occured because of the operator ID? Portal? Access Group?

The portal for user is customized, but after this bug I've tried to change to default. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. (FYI: there's no problem of the validation rules condition)

Please let me know if there's any solution for this.

Best Regards,


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