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Booz Allen Hamilton
Posted: April 2, 2020
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Building reports based on sum of 2 case types and properties associated to the 2 different case types

Hello All,

I currently have a requirement to build reports in (using pega version 8.3.) I was wondering if its possible to build a report that pulls the amount of total cases that are tied to a certain property that are used in two different case types as well as the total sum of both case type in one report. 


There are two different case types which I need to report on, is it possible to do this in one report? For more context an example would be to create a list/ summary report that lists total/sum of cases of case type x as well as type y.


The last requirement is to report the use of a specific property that is used in both case types and list total/all cases (case type x plus case type y), total pages of case type x, total cases of case type y, and total case type of case type x


For example a insurance policy holder (PolicyHolderName) is a property that is used in case type PNG-TrustyInsurance-Work-Quote, as well as PNG-TrustyInsurance-Work-Review I would need a report that lists: 



- Total cases 

-Total Quote cases

-Total Review cases

-Total Pages of case Quote

-Total Pages of case review


and so on an so forth based on all PolicyHolderName


Many thanks in advance on any input or guidance on how to implement this requirement (or if it is possible) So far i have been experimenting with creating a custom report definition however given the fact that two case types are involved I wanted to know if there is a more efficient way to implement these requirements. Once again thank you very much for the support (:


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