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Posted: June 12, 2019
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Built on component properties are not listed for drag and drop in pega express


While doing Exercises given in LSA Architecture Course 7.3,7.4 in DESIGNING FOR SPECIALIZATION chapter Exercise:Constructing the email application

Send Email property is not displayed in properties list for pega express configure view window, below are the steps given in Excercise

Create the email case type and case life cycle

  1. At the bottom of the Explorer panel, click Switch to Pega Express mode and add an Email case type.
  2. On the Case Designer Workflow tab, add an Email case type life cycle that includes the following stages:
    • Enter Test Data
    • Prepare Email
    • Edit, Send, or Skip
    • Resolve Email
  3. On the General tab in the Stage panel, set the first three stages to Automatically move to next stage. Set the Resolve Email stage to Resolve the case.
  4. In the Enter Test Data stage, add a Collect Information step named Enter Test Data.
  5. On the General tab in the Step panel, select the Configure view button to open the views dialog. Do the following on the Fields tab:
    1. Expand the Fields section on the left
    2. Drag and drop the When To Send Email property beneath the Add field link. This property is part of the Email Editor component and is used to set a future date and time.
    3. In the Options field, select Required.
    4. Click Submit to save your updates.
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